Jewelry that tells a story

Image from Origami Owl by Think Goodness

Many of us want to be unique and want to tell our stories. Not every one of us wants to be an author, blogger, YouTuber, or speaker. Clothing and jewelry allow us to express ourselves. Just like a picture tells a thousand words so can our apparel.

Origami Owl by Think Goodness provides a way to create customizable jewelry. Their necklaces have a locket where we can insert various charms. We can use the charms to tell others a little about ourselves. If we are Disney fans, we can insert our favorite characters. We can add a coffee mug, wine glass, and boba drink to let others know our favorite drinks. Persons can give their spouses charms and lockets that tell their love story. There are so many possibilities.

Consider building your own story (or getting a loved one a gift) by visiting my wife’s Think Goodness store.



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